NEU Radio showcase @ MAMBo: Edera live

"Noi che a Milano ci andiamo per la moda e la radio" (ottobre 2020)

Wanting to be alone

Where I’m at, right now

Are you the happiest you’ve been?

Indiepop Jukebox - Ottobre 2020 (autunno intensifies)

La prima puntata della ventesima stagione!

Première: Catholic Block - "A New Spring"

My life's a joke and so I'm throwing it away

Corporate indie band

Thank U pile of CDRs

I'm blasting from my head to my bones

Rock The Baita 2020!

Hunger for a way out

This might be our last summer

Indiepop Jukebox - Agosto 2020 recap (seconda parte)

These are long days, that are longer at night

It's like there's nothing left and nowhere left to go

May the best days lie ahead

"Deindustrializzazione e popular music" (quarta e ultima parte)