I can't remember and I don't have reason to

"This method of journalism"

What’s a human being gotta be like?

"Noi che a Milano ci andiamo per la moda e la radio"

All these worlds are yours

"C'è gente che ci scrive e noi non rispondiamo" (cit.) - Gennaio 2018

Missing winner - #RIPMarkESmith

This year was the worst year

Broken again

You don't like me, I don't look like you

"Early evening cheer / Ringing loud and clear"

Life is peachy

Your true name

"I'm kinda pissed if this is the real me"

How you made friends when you were young

Indiepop Jukebox: "da qualche parte bisogna pur cominciare"

As the years go by