Video première: Deine Mutti - "Zaffiro"

I want to cut through the apathy

"Noi che a Milano ci andiamo per la moda e la radio" (ottobre 2021)

How lonely are you?

Folie à deux

I guess it’s fine for things to be this way

Things used to be so easy and then you came into my life

Gone for a time

Revenge of the Lil Hospital!

Far away from Stockholm

It's enough to make a girl blush

Static drizz

Giusto in tempo per l'autunno, ecco che riparte il podcast!

In my hermit hours

Indiepop Jukebox - settembre 2021

You're nowhere

What future?

Distant lights

Sometimes, what's the difference?

At the end of the world, where were you?

"Ci piacciono le canzoni tristi" - intervista ai Deine Mutti