"The Zones generation"

Simon Reynolds in un articolo sul Village Voice torna a parlare di Altered Zones, il sito nato da una costola di Pitchfork e che qualche mese fa fu accolto con qualche polemica.
Giudizi musicali sul genere chillwave (o "glo-fi", come preferisce chiamarlo Reynolds) a parte, quello che mi sembra interessante del pezzo è l'analisi della nuova estetica e sensibilità ("hyper-referentiality without irony") che emergerebbero dalla webzine e che sarebbero rappresentative di una nuova e più giovane generazione:

Altered Zones is invariably called Pitchfork's "sister site," but the missing word here is "younger"—there's an age difference large enough to be considered generational, maybe even epochal. Pitchfork thrived through adapting the print-music magazine to the Internet; its mindset still belongs to the era of criticism. But Altered Zones is an expanded version of the MP3 blog, with a sensibility that could be fairly described as post-critical [...] Founded by people whose formative musical experiences occurred before the Internet really took off, Pitchfork retains an attachment to notions like "importance" and "significance," along with such related pre-Web concepts as the geographically located scene, the gig as a privileged site where the community forms around a band, et al. But the Zones generation, artists and listeners alike, have never really known a time when music wasn't enmeshed with the Web. They have only a tenuous sense that music is something you pay for, and a much-diminished investment in live performance.


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