mercoledì 15 ottobre 2008

MAP - Music Alliance Pact

Qualche settimana fa, Jason del blog scozzese Pop Cop mi ha scritto invitandomi a partecipare a un esperimento chiamato Music Alliance Pact.
In pratica, dodici (per ora) blog musicali di tutto il mondo scelgono ogni mese una canzone di una band della propria nazione, poi si scambiano gli mp3 componendo una playlist e infine la postano lo stesso giorno sui rispettivi blog.
Mi è sembrata una piccola buona idea: in fondo gran parte del piacere della musica per me sta ancora nella condivisione, e i blog servono anche a questo.
Si comincia oggi, il risultato è piuttosto eterogeneo e l'elenco un po' lungo, vedo. Potete anche scaricare l'intera playlist direttamente qui. Vedremo nei prossimi mesi come questa MAP si evolverà, intanto suggerimenti e consigli sono i benvenuti.

ARGENTINA – Zonaindie
Brian StormingFrance
France is the new single by Brian Storming, a psychedelic pop orchestra from Buenos Aires. This band was the support act for Coldplay and Björk when they performed in Argentina. The song is included on their new EP, Brian Storming Avec L´Enchanting Device.

AUSTRALIA – Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
Miami HorrorDon't Be On With Her
Miami Horror pretty much blew everyone's mind from the start, just by being called Miami Horror even though he's a producer from Melbourne (kinda like when everyone freaked about The Streets being just one guy). Then he cemented the name he had made for himself with unapologetically synth-heavy remixes - bootleg and official - of a crazy-wide array of artists from Perth's The Dirty Secrets to France's Stardust. And now here he is with the official release of his first single.

DANIMARCA – Pastries, Peppers And Canals
DiefenbachOn The Move
Diefenbach have been long-time stalwarts of the Danish indie scene, starting out as a post-rock band and gradually evolving into what they are today. Think Beach Boys meets Mogwai meets... well, Diefenbach, actually. The new album, Dark Spinner, is due in late October but the track we're presenting is from 2005's Set And Drift.

GRAN BRETAGNA – The Daily Growl
Absentee’s debut album proper Schmotime was one of The Daily Growl’s favourites of 2006, and new record Victory Shorts is a direct continuation of what the Londoners do best. Singer Dan Michaelson's ravaged drawl, the sweet boy-girl vocal play-offs with keyboardist Melinda Bronstein and hugely pleasing riffs from Babak Ganjei all call to mind a much less polished Teenage Fanclub or a poppier Pavement.

ISLANDA – I Love Icelandic Music
The man behind the band Plúseinn is Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson also known as Árni Plúseinn (a.k.a. Árni +1). He recently released an album called Lettuce And Tomato, made in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York under the name Hungry And The Burger. Árni Rúnar is and was involved in a lot of Icelandic bands and projects (e.g. Hairdoctor, Motion Boys) and is a founding member of the band FM Belfast.

IRLANDA – Nialler9
Fight Like ApesDigifucker
The band have just released their debut Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion in Ireland and the UK. The album was produced by John Goodmanson in Seattle over the summer. They are currently touring the UK with The Ting Tings.

ITALIA – Polaroid blog
Le Man Avec Les LunettesThe Happy Birth Of You And Me
LMALL's new album Plaskaplaskabombelibom is free to download from their website

Taken from the band’s second album Ufocalipsis which was released last year.

SCOZIA – The Pop Cop
Roddy HartDead Of The Night
Roddy Hart made the folk-rock masterpiece Bookmarks, arguably one of the best albums to have come out of Scotland. Dead Of The Night is the first fruits from its follow-up due out in 2009. It’s a live favourite and easily the most immediate pop song the Glaswegian has ever written.

SPAGNA – El Blog De La Nadadora
BlacanovaLos Remedios
Blacanova is a band from Seville and this song is from their second demo, Perro EP. They are influenced by Joy Division, Seefeel, The Cure, Spanish band Sr Chinarro, David Lynch and Tod Browning films, and the writer Alejandra Pizarnik. Their music is a cross between dark pop, IDM (intelligent dance music) and shoegaze.

STATI UNITI: I Guess I'm Floating
Arizona - The Glowing Bird
The title track from their sophomore album which came out on October 14 on Echo Mountain.

SVEZIA – Swedesplease
Tvärvägen is an eclectic one-man orchestra from Gustavsburg, Sweden. Notice both the clattering instrumentation and hummable melody. It's that dichotomy that makes Tvärvägen so unforgettable. The band's debut record is out November 6 on the small label Knoppar.

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Giuseppe ha detto...

Ottima iniziativa!!

Nur ha detto...

Bello :)

oltre i nostri ottimi lmall mi sono piaciuti (guarda un po'!) gli svedesi. Quella "September" è una pugnalata

Angela ha detto...

il link dei LMALL è sbagliato, mi pare per un punto di troppo alla fine.
ciao enzo

Dirk Diggler ha detto...

Ottima idea!!!

e. ha detto...

ok, refusi corretti.
grazie anche a tutti quelli che hanno mandato un po' di feedback.
l'esperimento secondo me andava tentato, vediamo di migliorare un po' nei prossimi mesi.
ciao, e.

Edie Sedgwick ha detto...

Roddy Hart era il mio tutor di Commercial Law alla University of Glasgow...quanta strada ha fatto!:D