"Noi che a Milano ci andiamo per la moda e la radio" (marzo 2022)

Musica Per AperiTweevi VS Radio Raheem (2022/03/30)

Musica Per AperiTweevi VS Radio Raheem (2022/03/30)
(quasi un Nastrone di Primavera)


The Lucksmiths - T-Shirt Weather
Literature - Arab Spring
The April Skies - Rise & Rise Again
Basil - When We Were 21
Chime School - Get A Bike
A Minor Place - This Moon Of April
The Shermans - Happy Being Lonely
I'm From Barcelona - Always Spring
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Ticking Timebomb
Cub - Go Fish
Spaghetti Vabune! - Pastel Popcorn Spring Day
Cats On Fire - I Am The White-Mantled King
X-Ray Picnic - Still Springtime
Drinking Boys And Girls Choir - There Is No Spring
The Ponys - I'm With You
Pet Politics - The Spring
Math And Physics Club - April Showers
Real Numbers - Brighter Then
Comet Gain - Another Girl
Yuppie Flu - Spring To Downcomers

La foto di copertina è di Marta Mariani che ringrazio.