"Now when the sky speaks I’m going to listen"

Quella vecchia rubrica con dentro un po' di rassegna stampa che una volta si chiamava "Polaroids From The Web" [*]

Jeff Tweedy - Warm

▶️ Da qualche giorno è uscito Warm, il disco solista di Jeff Tweedy dei Wilco, e contemporaneamente è anche arrivato in libreria il suo libro di memorie Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back).
Sull'Atlantic, un bell'articolo di Spencer Kornhaber mette in relazione le due cose: "Jeff Tweedy Says It’s Okay to Be Okay", e lo stesso fa Laura Barton nell'intervista sul Guardian: "Wilco's Jeff Tweedy on addiction, obsession and politics: 'White men are very fragile'". Se invece un'intervista preferite ascoltarla, trovate la voce di Tweedy su NPR: "On 'Warm,' Jeff Tweedy Confronts His Shadow Self".

▶️ «The radio of the past is in fact ‘dead’, but to dwell on the negative conclusion is to ignore some very interesting developments and facts. Even the industry is starting to move away from the term ‘radio’, now often referring to it as ‘audio’. As young people move away from the term, radio creatives are moving with them»: interessantissimo reportage di Drowned In Sound dall'International Radio Festival di Malta - "How The World Sounds: The Future Of Radio"

▶️ «By the time you finish reading this sentence, three new songs will have been uploaded onto Spotify. This time tomorrow, the number will have risen above 20,000 songs — a daily deluge of music which would take you a month and a half to listen to . . . without sleep [...] Where this explosion in music content has created the biggest impact, though, is in front of music fans. With such a crazy volume of music being uploaded, the art of recommending tracks — and having the public trust in those recommendations — has become a precious commodity»: "We’re All Drowning in Entertainment. Who’s Going to Rescue Us?"

▶️ A proposito: "Spotify just released 2018's most streamed artists and yup, it's all dudes" (e direi che il titolo è già parecchio eloquente sui progressi del music business).

▶️ Anche Mixcloud lancia il suo servizio premium a pagamento, Select, "that allows listeners to subscribe directly to individual Mixcloud channels, allowing them to directly support the creators they love". Qualche approfondimento e dettaglio in più (tipo che si parte da 2.99 dollari al mese) su Billboard.

▶️ Appuntamento ormai imperdibile, ogni anno su PopMatters, "The Best Indie Pop of 2018" (e questa volta mi trovo anche più d'accordo del solito).

▶️ "What Your Favorite Album of 2018 Says About You": devo ammettere che il giochino mi ha strappato un sorriso in un paio d'occasioni, e soprattutto mi ha preso in contropiede perché infila nella lista di nomi più che mainstream anche la nostra amata Sidney Gish.

▶️ 15 things we learned at From Me To You for independent musicians: «"From Me To You" is unlike most music-industry conferences in that it’s aimed squarely at independent artists. Indeed, it was founded by one, British musician Roxanne de Bastion, and makes a point of having artists moderate each of its sessions».

▶️ «We never had a conversation about that specific line, but I’m sure Yauch was referencing himself or us as a band. Or men in rap, or men in general. We said some stupid stuff when we were younger, and it’s nice to know that now, in a way, we’re looked upon as men who can actually change and learn from mistakes. I hope that’s part of what that line means to people»: sul Wall Street Journal i Beastie Boys ricordano come hanno scritto Sure Shot - "How One Verse Helped the Beastie Boys Atone for a Bad-Boy Past", un bell'articolo che diventa anche la scusa random per tirare fuori da Soundcloud un quintetto base di mashup assurdi: