"Proud of being a hipster"

Hipster Dino meme

«People compulsively complain about hipsters out of a sense of insecurity, when really, like bees, or sharks, the hipster is more scared of you than you are of them. By otherizing and stigmatizing “cool,” it absolves us from considering our own shortcomings. People who read books you don't like are hipsters, so now you're off the hook from reading those books. Complicated food and drink recipes, difficult music, hard-to-pull-off clothes? Not for me, we all say, and then settle into the rut of the middle of the road. We mock the hipsters when we should be thanking them, because like it or not, many of these trends we're so quick to dismiss now are going to filter down into the mainstream sooner or later. Do you have any idea where your entertainment even comes from? How many truly horrible indie rock shows and DJs and art openings and readings and bars and fashion shows people like me have to suffer through on a nightly basis so we can sift through the cultural slush pile and report back to the rest of the world? We ate foam for a year there! And we did it so you wouldn't have to.»

"It’s Hip to Be Hip, Too" by Luke O'Neil [Salon]

(mp3) London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years (Henrik Schwarz remix)