lunedì 3 giugno 2013

Polaroids From the Web

"That taste for discomfort" edition

Hether Fortune - Wax Idols

- «The National makes me feel that rock music, like much of American literature and visual art before it, has died and gone to graduate school. The band delivers certifiable Quality-with-a-capital-Q, a perfect product of the English and music departments—the way that Lady Gaga is a perfect product of the semiotics department and an MBA program, though I definitely prefer Lady Gaga. At my most extreme, I’d even claim that the National reflects the way social and economic stratification are narrowing the space for cultural free agency and rewarding artists who straightforwardly serve either the libido of the mass market or the neurotic narcissism of the privileged classes.» Carl Wilson su Slate firma un pezzo intitolato abbastanza aggressivamente "Why I Hate the National - And how I decided it’s OK to hate the bands that I hate"

- Beggars, Domino, Merge, Saddle Creek, Secretly Canadian: "How Five Indie Labels Are Trying to Change The Major Distribution Game" (via Billboard)

- I Pastels hanno appena pubblicato Slow Summits, il loro primo album in sedici anni (ci torneremo su) e The Quietus chiede al frontman Stephen McRobbie di raccontare quali sono stati i dischi che hanno influenzato la sua educazione musicale. Ne vengono fuori tredici recensioni perfette di nomi tipo Arthur Russell, To Rococo Rot e Television Personalities, ma anche meno prevedibili tipo Miles Davis e Maher Shalal Hash Baz.

- "Daft Punk, Kanye, and Boards of Canada: The Gimmicky World of Music Marketing" (Via Village Voice)

- L'etichetta discografica newyorkese Captured Tracks apre un negozio di dischi, ma ovviamente non sarà "soltanto" un negozio (via Hypebot)

- «No one in the Bay Area music scene metes out painful pleasure, or pleasurable pain, like Heather Fedewa, aka Hether Fortune. She's best known as the leader of Wax Idols, an all-female rock band that explores the fine line between noirish pop and ear-shattering punk. But when she's not recording or touring, Fortune beats men for money as a professional dominatrix. It's an outlet for her long-running interest in the aesthetics of sadomasochism. And, as she discovered a few years ago, Fortune simply enjoys dispensing hurt.» ("Hether Fortune of Wax Idols" via SFWeekly).
Ecco, ora che ho scoperto questa cosa sarà impossibile riascoltare il disco senza pensarci.
(mp3) Wax Idols - When It Happens

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