The new life

Girls Names

I used to adore music, or at least I thought I did. It's not that I don't anymore but I have a love/hate relationships at times. I realise now that I have a real desire to create music as art, and that's my first and foremost aim. As and how I want to. So I think I suffer from frustration a lot. Listening to music now is obviously a rewarding experience, but I don't listen to it in the same way as I used to when I was younger. Now it's a much more analytical approach. Everything is considered, everything is taken in - I'm obsessed by sounds, effects, production, words, and it can be a very inspiring and emotive experience that makes you want to further yourself as a creator and artist and musician.

La citazione viene da questa intervista di Siobhán Kane a Cathal Cully dei Girls Names (che pubblicheranno il nuovo album The New Life il prossimo febbraio e prenderà quei voti tipo di 7,4) e mi piace perché dopo la premessa "odio/amore" nei confronti della musica per come la viviamo oggi, alla fine spiazza tutto e sostiene che l'approccio "analitico" riesce a essere un sacco emotivo. Curioso, e perché no, anche "inspiring".

(mp3) Girls Names - The New Life (JD Optimo Switch remix)