Young lovers go Pop!

polaroid podcast

The Babies – Alligator
Choo Choo Train – (All I Ever Think about is) Rabbit
Widowspeak – Ballad Of The Golden Hour
Echo Lake – Another Day
Dreamscape – No More But Thought
Purity Ring – Crawlers Out
Vinyl Williams- Harmonious Change
Blue Hawaii – In Two
El Perro Del Mar – Dark Night
Yo La Tengo – Stupid Things (remix by EYE)
The History Of Apple Pie – Glitch
Guards – Coming True
Veronica Falls – Teenage
Sambassadeur – Hours Away
De Montevert – High On You
The Spook School – You Don’t Know
This Many Boyfriends – Young Lovers Go Pop!
The Paellas – Spider
The Stevens – Living Out Of A Bag
Poledo – Laura Palmer Is Dead

(la foto è di Marta - grazie!)