venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

Old and out of touch

Catena Wall Clock by Andreas Dober
«Besides, why should anyone care about who's "relevant" to whom, or get all frightened by that ultimate rock-world bogeyman, the threat that you will get old and out of touch? As if there isn't more than enough beautiful music in the world to spend a lifetime listening to without dutifully chasing after whatever a bunch of teenagers happen to like. Nothing makes a person seems quite so embarrassingly old and out of touch as the desperate attempt to imitate what "the kids" are up to.»

Una bella riflessione di Nitsuh Abebe sul gap generazionale, e quanto in fondo sia salutare non comprendere robe tipo Skrillex o i ragazzini emo. Mi ha ricordato un pensiero che una volta aveva folgorato anche me.

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