Angel Gone
(Beat Happening cover by Math & Physics Club)

How dare you cry, angel gone?
Cheat and lie, cheat and lie, angel gone
When you have no-one tommorow
There'll be no kind hearts to borrow
Your galley slaves start rowing
You don't know where you're going but you go there all the time

You were an angel, turned into a stranger
Heart shaped wings and halo
You loved to spin your fables
To the music we were makin'
Then the harp strings started breakin'
Things got cold in wintertime

It must be tryin', angel gone,
To wear a halo all the time, angel gone,
When it gets a little crooked
You find another saint who's lookin
Still your heaven is in ruins
You don't know what you're doing but you do it all the time

Angel gone, angel gone
I see you alone and I worry
The past starts getting blurry
You've got no-one to talk to
And I miss your "shouldn't-ought-to's"
And I miss your tender sighs

Mmmmmm should we try, angel gone
Crash in heaven one more time, angel gone?
Grab Gabriel's horn, start callin'
All those angels who have fallen
Playin' Russian roulette with satan
We'll ram those pearly gates and Saint Peter he won't mind
Saint Peter he won't mind

Angel gone, angel gone, angel gone...