giovedì 24 giugno 2010

"There's lights and sounds and stories / Music's just a part"

James Murphy
«Things are happening later in people's lives. They're kind of living lives and then creating things about the lives they've lived. Rather than being an artiste at an early age and coming out with a ball of fire. That energy has been co-opted because you haven't immunized yourself yet against media. It's easier to get swept up things then take a couple of years to get over your, like, indie rock hangover.» [Pitchfork]

«At the end, the reason why I yell all the band names, is because I suddenly realized that this is what you do when you know things. Knowing things, knowledge, or your attachment to things, your self-association with other bands, or books, or whatever. It’s often like this weird amulet that protects you. Like “No, I am serious, look at my library, listen to this!” I can list all the books I’ve read, and now you know I am a serious person.» [NPR via Perpetua]

«I think people equate emotionalism or romanticism with being “real,” or being the core of somebody’s person, and observation or ruminating as coming from a distance. If you know me particularly well, you can see that’s not necessarily how I’m built. I’m more emotionally attached to these observational things.» [AV Club]

Dopo sei anni, questa sera a Ferrara torno a vedere gli LCD Soundsystem di James Murphy, questo curioso personaggio che starei ad ascoltare e leggere tanto quanto ritrovarlo in azione sopra un palco, e forse anche di più.
E più passa il tempo, più sono convinto che This Is Happening sia il suo album migliore, inteso proprio come album, come idea e discorso compiuto con una consapevolezza che è capace di trascinarsi dietro comunque anche un bel po' di divertimento e sudore.

>>>(mp3): LCD Soundsystem - You Wanted a Hit (Soulwax remix)

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Lunarpunk ha detto...

losing my badge... sigh sigh sigh

la più bella stagione del covo a mia memoria.
ciao enzo

brugo ha detto...

io ti amo

e. ha detto...

eheh Giacomo, bei ricordi, ma ci aspettano stagioni ancora migliori dai :-)

Brugo: that's what blogs are made for ;)

Anonimo ha detto...

ma eri al concerto ieri sera?
l'ha visto Neva?