lunedì 22 luglio 2013

A living, breathing thing

mixtape love

"A mixtape isn't a toaster or a tennis racquet or any other inanimate gift you might receive. It's weighted by a unique and vast world of emotions, thoughts and feelings, memories or shared memories, hopes and dreams. There are (very often) romantic intentions or a sea of otherwise hidden messages you hope to convey. Even if you manage to strip out all the weighty stuff and make a tape with 'just some songs' on it, it's still a living, breathing thing with some kind of narrative behind it. And, because of that, the people who give and receive mixtapes possess and inherit more responsibilities than those who get a salad shooter or appliance as a gift. All of which is to say if someone makes you one, you owe them one back. If you give a mixtape to someone and get nothing in return, the unique exchange of our mysterious human experience dies. Basic Mixtape Etiquette 101."

"The Good Listener: Does Ignoring A Friend's Mix Make You A Bad Person?"

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