giovedì 22 giugno 2006

Wasting time Un campionamento di Frank Sinatra, una languida jangling guitar e una voce che ricorda tantissimo quella di Darren Rademaker dei Tyde: è bastato già questo, per me, a fare Estate.
Con appena una canzone messa in rete, Parker Lewis si candida per un posto sicuro nella mia ideale compilation di stagione.
Incuriosito dalla laconicità tutta svedese del progetto ho scritto una mail, e il gentilissimo Emil mi ha risposto dalla sua Göteborg.

Hi Emil, the first question is a bit obvious: why did you choose the name of your project from that telefilm?

I think "Parker Lewis can't loose" was broadcasted in Sweden when I was about seven years old, and I remember that Parker was my idol for some time back then. I like the tv-show's naïve view of love.
I've been in a few bands through the years since I was a kid, but I don't really feel like talking about any of them. When I've made music before I've always been very cynical and dark, and now I want Parker Lewis to be happier and more naïve than the things I've made before.

Is it really a Frank Sinatra sample that choir in your song?

Yeah, it's a sample from Sinatra's recording of "A lovely way to spend an evening" (brilliant song).

Do you usually make music with samples?

So far all the Parker Lewis-songs contains samples. Don't know why really. I will have a look at that...

I always waste a lot of time, and summer is the perfect season for me to do it. What does your song "Wasting Time" talk about?

I guess it's about the difference between wasting your life and wasting your time.
I wanted to touch the subject in an arms-in-the-air-in-a-convertible-in-the-sun kind of way. Getting wasted in the heat and hiding on the backstreets.

Are you going to release a record?

I think I'm going to release the first couple of songs I've made on an ep some time this summer. It's all set up for it. I just need to get home to Gothenburg to sort everything out.
We'll celebrate the release on a boat on the canals of Gothenburg. If we can't find an appropriate boat we'll settle for a bath afterwards anyhow, if the weather is nice.
And the forecast is sunshine that'll last for our whole lives.

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