mercoledì 31 maggio 2006

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names live @ polaroid!

I'm not good at interviews, and my english is crap. I get nervous, I'm too happy to meet the band, I forget to translate what we said and I can't remeber what I'm going to say to the guests, I laugh too much.
But all this is irrelevant, if the Suburban Kids With Biblical Names are in the studio and they're going to play some song.

So here is the last friday's transmission (full version), and the two live and unplugged songs the Kids played (the second one is unreleased!). Soon I will post the incredible jingle they made only for the camera.
Thanks to Johan and Peter, who came to the radio station just before going on stage for their first concert in Bologna, and thanks to Lucio who drove the car and took the pictures.

- Trees & Squirrels -
- Stockholm Water Festival (unreleased) -

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