"Noi che a Milano ci andiamo per la moda e la radio" (febbraio 2021)

Everybody On Earth Is Feeling The Same Way As You - by Douglas Coupland
Foto di Douglas Coupland

Musica Per AperiTweevi VS Radio Raheem (2021/02/12)


Yung - Above Water
Leatherette - Decisions
Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Lanyard
Palberta - All Over My Face
Cloud Nothings - The Spirit Of
Home Counties - Modern Yuppies
Tv Priest - Fathers And Sons
Healees - The Garden
The Deathray Davies - Oh Stars
Dead Nature - Red Clouds
A Festival, A Parade - Area Man
Weezer - All My Favorite Songs
The Natvral - Why Don't You Come Out Anymore
Cub Scout Bowling Pins - Heaven Beats Iowa
American Culture - For My Animals
Juan Wauters - Presentation (with Nick Hakim & Benamin)
The Notwist - Into Love
The Notwist - Stars