lunedì 5 marzo 2018

Those last words

 podcast 'polaroid – un blog alla radio' – S17E19

"polaroid – un blog alla radio" – S17E19

High Sunn – Those Last Words
The Orielles – Old Stuff, New Glass
Insecure Men – I Don’t Wanna Dance (With My Baby)
MGMT – When You Die
Alpaca Sports – Summer Days
Mouse Trap – I Can’t Be What You Need
Okkervil River – Don’t Move Back To LA
Chemtrails – Wishbone
Belle and Sebastian – Show Me The Sun
The BV’s – Be Enough
The Breeders – Nervous Mary
Rainbow Reservoir – Posh Ponytails
Starman Jr. – Take a Chance
The Drums – Meet Me In Mexico
Modern Studies – Mud and Flame
Blueberry – Thought Process
Lätta Regnskurar – 1318

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