giovedì 20 marzo 2014

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"Good sex never makes you feel clean" edition

Kevin Drew - Darlings

- «We don’t have to fight it, we don’t have to hold a horrible opinion of where things were. We have to recognize it, we have to learn from it.’ In a way, I’m just talking about the nature of the ones in your life who have shaped you, formed you, helped you become who you are for better or for worse. And I’m approaching it an aspect of [how] this is a moment to put aside all the fucked shit you have to hear about, listen about, constantly talk about, constantly be involved in»: una lunga chiacchierata di Kevin Drew su PopMatters a proposito dell'ultimo album Darlings.
(mp3) Kevin Drew - Good Sex

- «When the War on Drugs returned from touring in 2012, Granduciel was in the position where he could make music full-time. "It was hard to wrap my head around the idea of just making a record, and dealing with the expectations I had for myself," he says. Paralyzed with self-doubt, he obsessed over the "midnight vibe" he desperately sought but couldn't explain to anyone else»: un bel profilo dei War On Drugs sul Village Voice per presentare il notevole nuovo album Lost In The Dream.

- Sulla pagina facebook della Fooltribe sono comparse le date della prossima edizione del festival Musica Nelle Valli: 24 e 25 maggio, ovviamente sempre al Barcsòn Vècc

- «It's not so much that we do drugs, it's that we have done drugs. I haven't done psychedelics in a long long time. But I'm still really into the idea of the whole thing. I wouldn't do them anymore; I think you can only do them when you're a teenager or when you're over 50. Everything in between then, you've just got too much shit to worry about»: i Black Lips intervistati da Thisisfakediy parlano del nuovo album Underneath The Rainbow e, beh, di parecchio altro come al solito.

- «I find it completely preposterous that someone like Godspeed You! Black Emperor is doing that one week in advance in Pitchfork. It just proves we’re all in the same boat, desperate as fucking hell and trying to get heard. It depresses the hell out of me. If you have 10 sites doing five albums a week, that’s 50 new albums a week. I can guarantee you there’s nobody who has the ability to digest all that music, let alone even try in the first place. We’re all stuck in this cycle of just zero creativity»: un lungo e a tratti troppo retorico articolo di Chris Coplan su Consequences Of Sound a proposito della possibile fine del formato album.

- «You don't have to have all the equipment and somewhere to record. You can just do it in your room on your own accord and you don't have to have people telling you what to do or anything. I haven't had a place to record for so long though»: bella intervista a Keel Her su The Quietus.

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