venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Advance upon the real

Perfect Pussy - Say Ys To Love

A proposito di femminismo e scrittura intorno alla musica (vedi post qui sotto), consiglio la lettura di Perfect Pussy and the Corporate Media: Has Punk Been Co-Opted? scritto da Beth Tolmach su Adhoc un paio di giorni fa:
In this effort to look at the critical response to Perfect Pussy's album, it feels dishonest to discuss specific observations about the writing without connecting these observations to larger ideas about how underground culture is now represented in mass media. Perfect Pussy may be the latest band to seem to incarnate the trope of the punk band as heroic underdog, but that trope has been around for a while, and can mean very different things depending on the cultural climate in which it is invoked. Saying that Perfect Pussy are punk rock heroes means something very different today from what it meant twenty years ago.
The danger is not in the existence of music criticism itself, but in the emulation of critical insight, a kind of writing that claims a certain open-mindedness while also bolstering dominant ideologies.

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