martedì 11 febbraio 2014

'Casino Classics' Retrospective

Comet Gain - Casino Classics

Sulla webzine inglese The 405 potete trovare una piccola intervista ai Comet Gain a proposito del loro album d'esordio Casino Classics, pietra miliare datata 1995. E davvero non si capisce perché David Feck non abbia una rubrica fissa da qualche parte, o almeno una rivista tutta sua:
Our debut LP was a long time ago, I can tell because I look like a matchstick on the cover and I don't know who half the other people in the band are. [...]

That's always been the Comet Gain thing, liking too many different records and wanting to be like all of them at the same time without knowing how [...]

The first LP should always be that late night fumble before you work out what lips are for, and the aim is to never reach the grand heights you attain but to try your hardest to get at least a few more yards towards the exit. Our masterplan is perfect failure. King Midas in reverse.

(mp3) Comet Gain - A Million And Nine

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