martedì 10 settembre 2013

Who needs you

The Orwells
They think their kind of music is best played by teenagers, because who knows more about being young and pissed off than teenagers? "It's so much more believable when you're actually a teenager," O'Keefe says, "being a part of it, living it, and putting it down – teenagers can relate to you because that is what's happening now." And Cuomo's lyrics are, largely, about being young and pissed off in the suburbs. "I spent a lot of time angry because I wanted to leave," he says, a sentence that could have been uttered by any kid in any band at any time since 1955.
The Orwells intervistati dal Guardian. Già visto tutto, già sentito tutto, vero? Ecco, il problema non è loro.

(mp3) The Orwells - Who Needs You

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