domenica 4 novembre 2012

"Too much reverence, not enough abuse of the sources"

Rockabilly teenagers

Kids care about music just as much as ever. I think critics expect to see subcultures walking down the street en masse: that’s not what it’s about anymore, it’s small connections between people, between sub-groups of already existent subcultures that are important. [...] But there’s a deeper problem here – the notion that young people ‘follow’ movements like paid-up card-carrying members of some social-club isn’t just bullshit now, it’s always been bullshit.
Da Music fans have to stop being so fucking menopausal - An interview about teens, emos, chavs, music - un'intervista a Neil Kulkarni pubblicata sulla Collapse Board di Everett True.

(poi oggi pomeriggio mi sono messo a seguire Kulkarni anche su Twitter dopo aver letto questo)

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