venerdì 14 settembre 2012

"The race to the bottom"

«I love long-form journalism, and I’ve seen some very encouraging stats from the Economist and Neiman Labs, which sort of back up our finding when commissioning things like this epic Bjork piece …I sort of think mobile devices will make more of this longer journalism possible, but there isn’t really the way to justify investing in it, when you could just run a single sentence and a video embed and generate the same revenue… I’m just not ready to join in the race to the bottom and start doing that and putting money before the quality of our editorial. It really saddens me to know that some of my favourite writers spend so much of their time rehashing press releases and writing pithy descriptions of songs they don’t particularly like because their publisher feels it’s important they have as much streaming content up as possible. I don’t think it’ll be long before more of the labels start reigning in what people fill their websites with, as it doesn’t seem sustainable for anyone if there’s an endless supply of so much free music that you could listen all day or shy away from it completely due to feeling so overwhelmed, that you just switch on the radio or go back to records you already know you love.»

Da una bella intervista a Sean Adams di Drowned In Sound.

(instagram by Drownedinphotos)

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