mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

"I guess I’m comfortable with aging"

When you're young you think in mono-blocks – if I had a new computer, if I had this girlfriend, it would be OK. Your life moves in these mono movements, one at a time. When you’re older it’s different: I really like that, but what does that say about me, will it work, how much will it work, will it make me feel better, will it really make me feel better? What will I lose in the process? Happiness is complicated and you become more complicated as you age. Your reactions become more complicated. If you don’t become more complicated you’re just an asshole.

Sì, sono ripetitivo, dite quello che volete, ma James Murphy che ragiona ancora intorno a Losing My Edge lo leggerei tutti i giorni.
Il breve saggio lo trovate sul magazine in pdf Five Dials, snobbissimo (via The Fader).

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