martedì 5 settembre 2006

Polaroids From The Web
Qualche download legale, così per cambiare un po'

- In attesa del loro nuovo If there is silence, fill it with longing
(potete ordinarlo anche da Jukka dei GdM), i nostri Mixtapes & Cellmates mettono in download gratuito un ep con 3 remix (a cura di Cat Burglar, Bauri e Tsukimono), più l'inedito A moment ago you walked through that door e la già nota cover dei Belle & Sebastian Photo Jenny. Il tutto, comodamente zippato qui.

- Acid House Kings live: "The Kings had a great time touring the US and would like to thank everyone who travelled very far or not so far to sing along. And now, thanks to someone in Boston, you can download the full Cambridge concert (one of the very best of the tour according to the Kings themselves) here".

- Boy Omega è il progetto del cantautore svedese Martin Gustafsson, spesso accostato a Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine ed Elliott Smith. Dopo aver pubblicato l'album Black Tango la label britannica Stereo Test Kit mette in free download sul proprio sito un singolo con tre tracce e un video.

- Già segnalati da Enver, e già presenti nella playlist del mese qui sotto, i Fitness Forever mettono le canzoni del loro Marmalade Gomelsky Ep sul loro myspace. Basterebbero i titoli a capire di che si tratta: Bacharach, Breakfast at Diego's, Brasil... I Fitness Forever sono un divertente spin-off di Carlos Valderrama, batterista dei napoletani Valderrama5: "Fitness Forever is Carlo's challenge to POP perfection".

- Via Empty: "Sometimes I get stuck in the recording and writing but instead of cutting my wrists I open the window, bring out my records and put together little mixes for my friends. This one is a mix of some of my favourite songs from this summer and previous ones, some are cut up and put together into new songs, new remixes or whatever. They form a perfect response to the death of this summer": Jens Lekman - The Death of This Summer MP3

UPDATE = E proprio oggi arriva dal Brasile questa mail di Fernando Paiva: "Dear friends from abroad, I'm happy to say that we decided to include all Luisa mandou um beijo's songs from our last cd avaiable for download at our website. Those who didn't have yet our full album, please, be our guest. All of our songs have the Creative Commons license that authorizes copies -- unless for commercial purposes. In other words: there's no problem to share the songs through the Internet or in CD-Rs with other people. For more information:
Best regards! Fernando Paiva, guitar player of Luisa mandou um beijo".

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