venerdì 4 agosto 2006

If I made a summer mixtape for you (2)

 Pants Yell! «When you're lonely, lying in bed
and you're thinking about your work day
and the bills you've left unpaid.
The food ran out, you have nothing,
it's so dreadful,
but you once had me as your boy...»

Pants Yell! - You're feelings don't show

 The Stereo Inn «I walked out of my room
knowing that sun's not gonna shine
even though I seemed to lose
my pessimistic side
calling you and writing
does not make a sense at all
but it makes me feel alright
to talk to you on the phone...»

The Stereo Inn - Out of my room, into my life
(via Sad Pandas e gentilmente rammemorato.)

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